Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hey guys, sorry I haven't been posting lately. There has been a lot going on in my life lately. I sit at this computer, in my room at my desk, with a lot on my mind. Well, I'm going to unload, gonna have to somehow. So, I hope you don't mind me speaking my mind.

Well, I had an incident with my aunt maybe a month or two ago. I posted a simple message on Facebook: "Who else could care less about the choosing of the new pope?" I mean, I'm not Catholic, I don't really care; that's my opinion. Sure, somebody else may care. But my Aunt Jackie commented and basically said that I should care and that I shouldn't put down other people. I didn't put down anyone! I spoke my mind, a simple comment. Then she proceeded to tell me what I should believe. You can't make me believe something I don't want to! You can criticize my clothes, you can criticize my opinions, you can criticize what I do and how I do it, but do not tell me what to think, or you'll be getting something more than a lecture.

I've been thinking, and lately I have gotten fed up with discrimination. Mainly with black people and white people. Yes, I know I shouldn't put labels on people, because there aren't different races. There is one race, the HUMAN race! And we're all the same! But it gets at me that people will sneer down at people and then turn around and say we're all the same. You should practice what you preach, then! We're all the same! I don't care if you're right wing, left wing, Democratic or Republican! No one is better than anybody else! That is true about the government, too! Poor, homeless people aren't any less important than the President or a Senator. The only difference is that the President or Senator makes money, and the poor homeless person doesn't.

So my family has been adopting, about 7 years now. Well, after switching from agency to agency and back around again, we have finally been matched with a child! His name is Gabriel, but my mom has renamed him Nathaniel James, which means "gift of God." And truly, he is a gift of God! Because only God could wait 7 years to match us with a little 3 month old little kid. Only God could have a plan for us, to be the parents of a little African baby. Only God could stretch out His plan over a 7 year period, only to lead us to this little boy who will now become my brother! If my mother lets me, I might just post a pic of him up here.

Well, I guess that's all. I'll be posting more, mainly with my thoughts. Remember, feel free to comment, and I'll take any comments! Thanks!


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