Saturday, April 13, 2013


So I've had this weighing on my heart for a while. Encouragement. How come nobody can encourgae one another anymore? We live in a society today where it's easier to say "that won't work" then "good luck". Where people say "you're a failure" more than "you'll do fine". Yes, you hear the occasional "Good Luck!" or "You'll do fine." But are they said with true sincerity?

One of my friends on Clone Wars Adventures, a game I play, has the same problem. He creates these squads, groups which people can join with other people. But his problem is that he usually deletes the squads, sending everybody that was in it squadless. Now people say every time he makes a squad that "It will never work" or "He'll just delete it again".

This infuriates me. Why can't they just say "Good luck!" instead of "You're gonna fail." Why can't we encourage people nowadays? I was talking to a friend on Clone Wars Adventures who said she thinks my friend's squad will just get deleted again. That he'll get bored and delete it, then go try something else. That infuriated me. I almosttook her off my friends list she was so maddening.

One of my cousins, Autumn, is currently trying to stop smoking. She's been going for a few days now. Every post she makes on Facebook about it, I just keep saying "Keep on going! You can do it! Hang in there!" That is what we need today. Encouragement that we can do something instead of discouragement that we can't or it won't work.

There's a friend I have on Wikia, basically a site for people to come and collaborate. But almost always I hear her putting herself or someone else down. That makes me mad, and also sad. Why can't she come to the realization that not everything is going to be perfect? How come she can't see there's going to be harships in this life?

There was an incident a few weeks ago with my aunt. Now, let me get this straight. She always changes religions. First she was Catholic, then she was Morman, then she was Universalist, then she was Atheist. But I put on Facebook, "Who else could care less about the choosing of the new pope?" And here's what she commented:
Branden, you should not put down the new pope. You should care. Please respect all Christian faiths. Aunt Jackie
Just at that, she was putting my own opinion down, and discouraging me. That made me mad, because she has done this to my own parents, and my cousin's parents. Please, pray for her.

I hope you choose ENcouragement instead of DIScouragement today. Put something EN instead of out.

God Bless,


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