Monday, March 11, 2013

Daily Post: March 11

Sorry that I didn't post a Daily Post yesterday, it was a long day and very hectic. So, here's Monday, March 11's.

Today's Post:

Well, yesterday was... something. We went to Huddle House last night, and one of the waitresses actually recgonized us! Let me explain.

About a month or two ago, a journalist from a local newspaper asked us if we could be interveiwed for a newspaper article. We're going through an adoption, and the journalist actually read my mom's blog. So she wanted to interview us, and guess what? We were put in the paper!

So the waitress last night actually recognized us. She asked how it was going, and my mom said not very good. She also asked, after we had taken Desiree outside, what was wrong with her. My dad said that she broke her leg. Not like Desiree would tell you herself...

Yesterday was complete chaos. Once we got home, we cooled off for a while, but then my cousin and her boyfriend came, wanting to see Desiree. So once she woke up, Marana (my cousin) took Desiree outside. Then once they came back in, I had to go to choir practice. So, very hectic.

And, on a closing note, please pray for a family in my church. A good member died about a week ago, and his wife has been very sad (as expected). They were married for 50 years. But she came up yesterday and said, if the church helped her thorugh this time, she would rededicate her life to the Lord. AMEN, right?!

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