Friday, August 19, 2016

Broken Ashes: NaNoWriMo 2014 Story

Well, I've decided to finally publish my NaNoWriMo 2014 story, Broken Ashes, to my blog. It is unedited and unfinished. I might (eventually) find time to edit it, but for now I'm publishing the first draft here.

This recent decision came because my pen pal, Jackson, requested to read it. Well, here it is. It's not very good, by my standards at least, but here it is. I hope the story for this year will turn out much, much better.

If you've forgotten, or if this is your first time hearing about this, here's a little synopsis on the story:

Broken Ashes
By Brandon Marques

A dark force descends on the unsuspecting planet Earth, its inhabitants completely unaware of the impending danger. A single fragment of a rare element falls from the sky and lands on an unsuspecting neighborhood. The result changes the lives of four certain young people. The world will never be the same.

Kristen Summers and her friends have the closest bond any friends could have; one rarely seen anywhere else. They laugh together, they cry together, they do everything together. But after they're given supernatural powers, their bond is tested to the limit. They're faced with their biggest challenge; and in their darkest hour, all seems lost.

But hope is never lost. A man who calls himself Titus Kim--ex-convict turned mysterious hero--saves the kids from near destruction. He takes them under his wing and trains them not only in the art of combat, but the skills required for each of them to harness their abilities.

However, the training comes to an abrupt halt when a dark force threatens to the destroy the children. This force materializes in the rage of a man, harmed and beaten by events yet to come. He reveals his rage for the world, his anger to destroy the human race and restore his own people. The band of friends witness the darkest hour for mankind--the day when all time is frozen, and the human race ceases to exist.

Now, they not only have to save themselves, but the world. Out of broken ashes, a new beginning rises.

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