Sunday, January 4, 2015

A New Beginning

I went to the MOVE 2015 youth conference with my "youth group" (which is really only four people) this weekend, and my whole life was changed. I realized I was a fraud, that I had been living the religious game. As one of the speakers said, I had run up the tree of religiosity looking for something to fill the void in my heart, but I wasn't finding anything. And that night at MOVE, I found what I was looking for. I found Jesus.

That's right; this whole time I haven't been honest, I haven't been saved. But now I am, and I'm glad Jesus brought me to him. I've started a new blog to journal my journey through my new Christian life. You can find it here:

Oh, and also, there was some AMAZING talent there at the conference. One of them was this group, called Rend Collective:

There was also LeCrae, Kari Jobe, Clayton King, and Ed Newton. I am SO glad that God let us go to that conference. It literally did change my life. We had some trouble prior to the conference trying to get the arrangements, but my pastor said since there was so much adversity, he expected something big to happen there. And it did. Thank you, God. :)

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