Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Never Let You Go

Alright, so the video above is by the artist Manafest. The song is called "Never Let You Go."

The lyrics go something like this:

Hold on when everything is shakingStand strong when the ground is falling throughReach out to my hand in the darknessThat's holding youI'll be your peace in the waitingYour strength when you're broken on the floorHold on it's all worth fighting forCause I will never let you goI will never let you go

It talks in the second verse about "When you look in the mirror and you run away cause all you see are the scars from yesterday..." It's almost like it's saying you can't get past the day because you only see what happened yesterday, or what you did before. Well guess what? You can see past yesterday when you have God's grace. He tells you you don't have to worry about yesterday, but look ahead. He also says He will never let you go, but he doesn't say he won't hold you by just your pinky. He doesn't say He won't hold you over the cliff, holding you just by your pinky finger. But He does say He'll never let you go. Just remember that today when you think God forgot about you and let you go. He didn't, and he won't.

God Bless,


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