Sunday, November 18, 2012

Life is Beautiful

I saw the video for this amazing song, "Life is Beautiful" by The Afters. It's from the soundtrack of the movie "October Baby". The song talks about "All of the things that make us feel like we have it all. All of times that make us realize we have it all." That is true, isn't it? Compared to some people in Africa or even China, who have nothing, we have everything; we have it all. But people take it for granted. There is also a new song by Audio Adrenaline called "The Least Of These". It's about the kids half-way around the world who have nothing. If we love them, they could be queens or kings. But only if we love the least of these. Only if we love these tiny children just as Jesus did.

How come babies are being killed nowadays? You would normally think, "Killing babies? No!" But it's true. Not only abortion, killing unborn babies, but POST-BIRTH abortion. POST-BIRTH! Think about that, what is post-birth? Life, right? Then whoever is using post-birth abortion, like the doctors in Europe, are becoming murderers. Life is beautiful, do not take if for granted! And how come we only think of life when someone dies? The reason is because we are too caught-up in our own lives. We wait to die, but when someone close to you dies, you want to live for them. Then you go back living like you want to die again.

It is true, Life IS Beautiful. And if you want proof, just think of the people half-way around the world, starving. Think of how they think that, we're still living, so God loves us; life is beautiful. And we need to be thankful for that.

Thanksgiving is coming up soon. What will be in your Thankful prayer? For your food? For your friends? How about for your life? Think about it. Life is Beautiful.

I'm in the choir at my church, and we were looking at songs in our new song books today. One of them goes "May God bless you, May he keep you, May he turn his face to you. May he guide you, And Protect you, May he give you peace." But the thing is, God has ALREADY blessed ALL of us. He has blessed us with LIFE. Please keep that in your prayers. He loves you. He gives you life.

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