Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Passion Week; Easter; Crevices

Happy Passion Week! You ask, "What is Passion Week?" Well, let me elaborate. Passion Week spans from Palm Sunday to Good Friday. Palm Sunday and Good Friday, of course, are the most important. Interesting factoid: in the Greek, Passion is actually translated "Suffering". So, when Jesus underwent Passion Week, it was more like Suffering week. My Pastor actually titled his sermon Sunday as "The Suffering Savior."

Easter is approaching. How will you celebrate our Savior's Resurrection? Every year, my family always has a family dinner with an Easter egg hunt for the children. This year, our church is having a Good Friday fellowship and Easter egg hunt. Our Pastor is preaching at the Sunrise Service this Sunday. He said we're gonna have it outside, and it's supposed to be FREEZING! He also has the idea to have the Lord's Supper Easter night. He'll have each family come up and have communion with him.

So I just got done washing the dishes. I washed our old frying pan, which now has scratches on the non-stick coating. Like eggs and stuff gets lodged in the tiny crevices. I sort of relate that to our Christian lives. The devil can look over our lives and lodge sin into those tiny canyons. So, we have to be on guard over those canyons constantly.

I hope you have a good Easter. I probably won't be posting for another week or after Easter, since we will have a lot to do after Wednesday. So, until I post again, this is me, signing off and wishing you a Happy Easter.

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