Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why Can People Be So Ignorant?

Alright, so I don't want to be grounded or anything, but I have to say my mind.

So the other day I was vacuuming the other day, and my mom and I was talking. We're adopting from Ghana, and on the waiting list for our agency, there is a boy who has been on there since we started. He is basically a carbon copy of me. My mom said she wanted him because he didn't have any real problems. She said she could see him as her own son. But she couldn't think of the others as her own children. I just thought, why? Because they have disabilities?

Jesus says to be in the world, but not of the world. Saying that having children with disabilities, that is being of the world.

There are children in Africa, even in America, with disabilities, who wants a home, but no one wants to give them a home. That is being so ignorant. We just want to sit at home, be ourselves, live our life in our own little box-world. Well guess what? When you get to heaven (if you are saved), God will not be pleased with that.

This brings to mind the message series that our pastor has been preaching. The Greater Christian Life. We shouldn't sit by while life passes us by. We should be living the Greater Christian Life.

I just wanted to share a poem I made with you:

There's a boy in Africa,
He wants to be loved.
But no one has "time enough"
To let him be held.

He cries, he whines,
He wants a home.
And everyone tries,
But no one hears his tone.

But the everlasting arms,
The same ones that hold me and you;
He looks at him and longs,
For someone that is true.

God sees you and me,
And he sees the little boy,
Why can't we open our eyes and see,
To give this boy some joy?

Now I just have to end with this song by Group 1 Crew:

Until Later,


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