Monday, November 12, 2012


Hi there, I'm Brandon. I just want to introduce myself. Now I won't give out a lot of information, like my full name or where I live, but I will tell you what's on my mind. I live with my Grandmother, mom and dad, older brother, and neice. I came up with the name of my blog because of my three biggest passions: LEGOs, music, and the Bible. This one truth I live by: If all else fails, GOD.

I've liked LEGOs for basically all my life! I used to play with the Duplo blocks when I was a kid, and that was when it began. Ever since then I've had a passion for them. And this is where it ties in with my second biggest passion, music. I have loved music all my life also! About two years ago, I read in the paper about this new(ish) radio station (they had just put a relay station around where I live), Air1. They call themselves the "Positive Alternative", which draws in my thrid passion, the Bible. I have been going to church all my life. I have a devout faith, and love God through EVERYTHING! Ususally, on normal days, I will build with my LEGOs while listening to Air1.

Well, that is basically an overview of my life! Hope you will read, be blessed, and follow. If not, then whatever floats your boat, this is mostly so I can get all my ideas out.

Until Later,


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